Brand Bros is truly a family affair; Daniel and his younger brother Jonas, who have taken over their father's winery in 2014 and transformed it into an organic one, represent the 5th generation of winemakers in their family! From father to granny; the whole family is involved in some way. Ever wondered who drew the cool illustrations printed on the wine labels? It’s no other than Oma Helga!

After the restructuring of the winery, it became clear to both brothers that they want to dedicate themselves to producing natural wines only. 

Together, they represent the ultimate dream team, each having their own role in the winery. Daniel is the craftsman, the expert when it comes to processes and procedures on how to make wine whilst Jonas is the business man, traveling and selling wines to potential buyers and importers. It is together, however, that they come up with the wildest ideas to create fine, unique and incredibly imaginative wines. 

They’re definitely known for the Pet Nats and even go by the name Pet Nat Bros. At times, Daniel manages to disgorge up to 1200 bottles per week! Both brothers have learned all about wine in wineries close to their hometown Bockenheim and have remained loyal to the area ever since. Both perfectly know how to deal with the calcareous soils of the northern Palatinate. Another thing that the brothers have in common is their insatiable zest for life and bright smile they carry around all day everyday, which also happens to be highly infectious!

Don’t let yourself get fooled by the neat and professional environment at Weingut Brand; the boys sure know how to go wild from time to time and surprise your taste buds with the craziest, unusual flavours!