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It is fair to say that few things inspire artists as much as the utter brutality of inevitable loss and heartbreak. Pairing this tumultuous experience with a bottle of wine is fairly common practice, and while it can certainly turn your sorrow into homicidal rage, it might as well cause you to write everyone’s next favorite boozy break up song — as demonstrated by our latest CHB x Marto collaboration.

His name is Miirtek and he’s an alc — ternativ pop musician, who turned to a bottle of our first Fragile edition after a relationship came to a grim and sudden end. Unbeknownst to him, this made him part of something bigger: A community of lovers, loners and losers that provides a safe haven beyond the intoxicating effects of alcoholic beverages. Yet again, another poor soul amongst our midst has been delivered through the sheer power of CHB x Marto communion, and we shall celebrate this merciful fate by buying plenty of bottles and shirts to consume in peaceful isolation and devoutness.

The bundle contains 1 Bottle and 1 Shirt :-)

Link to the video here!

Link to the song on Spotify here!

Club Heart Broken x Marto (Miirtek Edition) - Shirt