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Sanktktlaurentzweigeltblauburgermerlotgrünerveltliner “Rakete” 2021

A brief throwback to last year: do you remember the plump children, screeching loudly as they clung with their small, sweaty palms to the hot iron bars of the terrifyingly loud and garishly whirring fairground ride “Panico” in Cesenatico as it hurtled along at an absurdly fast pace? Of course you remember.

The good news: the Rakete 2021 tastes exactly the same again this year. Strawberry ice cream, crusty windscreen wipers of a Lancia Delta, 1983 model, ice cubes allowed because there’s no air con, perhaps a little cloudier than last time, low alcohol, a few gooseberries sunbathe on the roof of the Delta, more lemonade than wine, anyway.

As to how the children are doing? Well…

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