What Jutta says about herself:

In 2004 I traded up my position as an art director in an advertising agency to become a vintner in a vineyard. This was quite a spontaneous decision. A 1/4 hectare of Riesling land was quickly leased and the pleasing result at the end of the year made me realise that I’d made the right decision.

Today my field of action covers four hectares. The vibrant vineyards on both sides of the Danube now grow Gemischter Satz, Grüner Veltliner, Riesling and (in a small area at the foot of the Kahlenberg a few mixed planted) red varieties.

Only carefully hand-picked grapes are vinified, in a puristic and low-tech manner, in stainless steel and large wood barrels. Non-vineyard yeasts are taboo, the amounts of sulphur used to stabilise the wines are kept as low as possible.

On 10 weekends in the year I also open the strictly authentic „Buschenschank In Residence“ in Langackergasse 5a in Grinzing – an event regularly attended by numerous regular guests who aren’t fans of the sometimes unpleasant mainstream Heurige of this once world-famous wine village on the outskirts of Vienna. Species-appropriate and resource-conserving products from friendly small producers of rare quality then accompany Satellit and Co. in an atmosphere that appears to have been invented just for them.

The man is standing at the bar. Not bad either.

Jutta Ambrositsch