Marto is more than just a friend to me, I consider him a brother. 

We go way back; from being rascals at school to developing a mutual interest and deep passion for wine, Marto is and has always been a valuable, long-term friend of mine.
Apart from being an excellent dancer, Marto is a determined, straight-up, affectionate and incredibly genuine person, who not only has a kind and generous heart, but also knows exactly what he wants and what he stands for. The man has a mission; to make the finest, most exquisite, best natural wine. 
To reach that goal, he decided to gain expertise in the field by studying the art of making wines in Gut Oggau, Austria and Matassa, France. His creative mind in combination with his adventurous spirit represent the perfect basis for creating exciting blends and outstanding wines.

Together with Alanna from Vin de Lagamba, whom he teamed up with a few years ago, he rules the natural wine game!
Marto’s first vintage was produced in 2017 and is being savoured all around the world ever since its creation. His passion and enthusiasm in combination with his extensive knowledge on wines just makes him an incredibly fun and inspiring person to be around.