Nature at the core!
The family business has the great privilege of working with nature.With their wines and winery, the Bergkloster Weingut have one main goal; to return to the essence of it all; nature.

Nature is the best teacher when it comes to trust, patience and humility. This absolute dependence makes us realize each year anew that we don’t have control and have to let go and trust nature. We see this as something positive, this is the only way to create unique wines, free from stagnation and triggers us to think outside the box and Jasons goal is to fill bottles with extraordinary, fresh wines and manage the family winery. His ambition is not necessarily to be part of the commercial side of the industry, but he wants to bring people in touch with the wine’s history and of course the wines themselves. He wants to allow people to just sit down, treat themselves to a good wine and unwind from the hectic world we live in.

In his opinion, nature is perfect in itself and human intervenience can often result in a creating a certain unbalance. That's why at Bergkloster Weingut, they intervene as little as possible in the stages of the process, in order to let nature unfold itself. Trust in nature, as it knows best and only offer a helping hand when needed.
Jason is an incredibly cheerful person who walks through life with a big smile on his face, loves to crack jokes, listen to trap and of course drink good wines.